Michael Cohen’s Lawyer Reveals Cohen Has Information On Ukraine He Wants To Give To Congress

This is TERRIBLE news for Trump!

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Donald Trump has finally found himself entangled in a scandal of his own making that has landed him on the fast track to impeachment. All of the rape and sexual assault allegations, campaign finance violations, blatant obstruction of justice, and collusion with Vladimir Putin never quite cut it. But dammit, that call to Ukraine did.

Already, a supposed “transcript” of Trump’s phone conversation with Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky was released by Donald himself in an attempt to turn down the heat on him (only to ultimately incriminate him even further) and now the actual complaint from the whistleblower that got this whole ball rolling in the first place has been released not only to Congress but the public as well and has already been subjected to a lengthy hearing.

The fact of the matter is, members of Congress are gearing up to boot his ass in the quickest way possible just based on what they already have.

But according to a new, explosive report, there may be even more still.

Trump’s former personal attorney and “fixer” Michael Cohen is currently living his life in a jail cell thanks to some bullshit he pulled with Donald himself. However, Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis is still out here with the rest of us and revealed during a radio interview with Rick Ungar that Cohen has some pretty pertinent information regarding Trump’s latest scandal — and he’s ready to tell the world.

“[Cohen] should be a key witness the way John Dean was to translate this criminal behavior,” Davis told Ungar during the interview, referencing Nixon’s notorious White House counsel. “Michael now becomes a crucial witness as this process unfolds.”

Cohen’s lawyer went on to explain that he’s already contacted the committee chairs, but he recognizes that they’re extremely busy right now given everything that’s transpired over the last 48 hours.

“I have written the three Chairs in the last week,” Davis stated. “Chairman Elijah Cummings of House Oversight, Chairman Nadler of course, House Judiciary, and Chairman Schiff who we’ve seen on television today, House Intelligence. All three of those gentlemen he cooperated with before he went to prison and he’s ready to do so again.”

While we have no way of knowing yet what information Cohen has or what he will choose to divulge, I think it’s pretty safe to say — this won’t be turning out in Trump’s favor.

You can listen to the audio clip here:

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