Michigan AG: If Trump “Fails To Wear A Mask” He’s Going To Be Asked Not To Return To Any Enclosed Facility Inside Our State

It isn't hard to put on a face mask, Mr. President.

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Donald Trump has repeatedly targeted Michigan lately amid the pandemic, and he’s shown no concern over the recent flood that’s displaced thousands of people in the state. On Wednesday, the president threatened to withhold funding to the state while it’s dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the flood.

Trump is supposed to lead by example, and thus far, he hasn’t worn a protective face mask even though experts have stated that they are necessary to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel sent out a warning ahead of Trump’s visit to a Ford auto plant in Ypsilanti.

Nessel isn’t having it and said if Trump doesn’t wear a mask, he shouldn’t come back inside of any of the state’s facilities.


“Obviously, here in Michigan we’ve been particularly hard-hit by the COVID-19,” Nessel said Thursday on CNN’s New Day, and noted that she’s trying to protect the workers.

“I know that Ford has asked him to do the same thing, but if we know that he’s coming to our state, and we know he’s not going to follow the law, I think we’re going to have to take action against any company or any facility that allows him inside those facilities and puts our workers at risk,” she said. “We simply can’t afford it here in our state.”

“We are just asking that President Trump comply with the law in our state, just as we would make the same request of anyone else in those plants,” Nessel continued. “If we’ve learned nothing over the last several years of President Trump in the White House, is that he doesn’t have the same level of legal accountability as everybody else.”


Nessel was also asked about Trump’s bizarre meltdown yesterday in which he claimed that absentee voting in Michigan is “illegal,” and of course, she quickly shot that down and noted that Trump seems to be offended by people voting.

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