Mike Pence, Kellyanne Conway, And Mike Pompeo Are Reportedly Looking Into Book Deals About Their Time During The Trump Administration

Sounds like they're eager to spill the tea.

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It seems that several of the most notable members of the Trump administration are eager to cash in on their time under the reign of America’s biggest embarrassment.

According to a bombshell new report from Business Insider, the likes of Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence, one of his closest advisors Kellyanne Conway, and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are all currently deep in negotiations for lucrative book deals to detail their time serving under Donald Trump.

Conway left her post in the Trump White House a little early amid some serious drama and turmoil in her family, namely with her teenage daughter Claudia. New York Times reporter Ben Smith now reports that Kellyanne is in serious talks with multiple major publishers about a potential book deal and allegedly plans to secure herself a “sizable advance.” According to Smith’s report, Kellyanne isn’t alone in her search for a book deal, as Mike Pence and Mike Pompeo are both also in talks with New York publishing houses about a deal for a tale of their time in the Trump White House.


Conway has seemingly hinted at a book about her time in the White House several times over the years, most noteably in 2018, after she was accused by her fellow former White House collegues of regularly leaking to the press, ultimately telling Fox News host Abby Huntsman, “One day, Abby, I will have my say. So that will be very, very fascinating.”

It will certainly be interesting to see what all Conway’s book will tell, being as her husband is a staunch critic of her former boss, often referring to his as a “sociopath” and her 15-year-old daughter has repeatedly accused Kellyanne of abuse.

Of course, the three Trump amigos would be far from the first to cash in on their time in Trumpland. Former National Security Advisor John Bolton cleared a breezy $2 million advance from Simon & Schuster for his 2020 tell-all opus.

Conway, Pence, and Pompeo have remained publicly loyal to their former boss, but things may not be as clean and clear under the surface with any of them. Kellyanne is undoubtedly under a lot of pressure from her family and was actually one of the first Trump loyalists to publicaly admit that Biden defeated him in the election. Is well known that Pence and Trump had a nasty ending to their close relationship in the final days of Donald’s term, after Pence refused to try to interfere in Congress’ efforts to confirm the Electoral College votes on Trump’s behalf.

While Pompeo and Donald haven’t had any public mishaps here lately, it is worth noting that many people believe the former Secretary of State will soon be vying for a future run for office. And while it’s expected that he’ll align himself with Trump and the GOP’s far-right agenda, there’s simply no telling how the cookie will crumble.

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