Mike Pompeo Looked Completely Unrecognizable After Dramatic Weight Loss, Leaving People With A Lot Of Questions

What in the world?!

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I’ve gotta be honest with you, Mike Pompeo just is not someone that I really keep tabs on these days. The only time I really cared to know what the guy was up to, was when he was serving as the Secretary of State under Donald Trump’s now-former administration. And trust me when I say, it was not out of admiration or interest, it was out of fear and loathing as he partnered with a reality TV washup President and a conversion therapy-loving VP to dismantle this nation from the inside out.

Now that we’re finally out of the direct line of fire when it comes to their plots and schemes and overall torturous ways, I just can’t say I’ve ever really cared to check in on the guy.

However, I’m not a hermit and Twitter is certainly a thing I still use. So, when I came across this little gem from Molly Jong-Fast, it definitely was not a thing I could ignore:

Do you see that?!

THAT is Mike Pompeo! Or so they say, anyway. I’m still not fully convinced that it’s not a space alien in a meat suit.

As I’m sure you can imagine, social media users were quick to notice the former Secretary of State’s drastic change in appearance and very sudden weight loss and, well, they have questions. A LOT of questions:

Listen, we don’t know what is behind Pompeo’s sudden, massive “makeover.” Maybe he just wanted to get healthy. Maybe he was sick. Maybe he’s got a new girlfriend. Maybe he’s gearing up for some sort of office. Who knows? All I know is that something very drastic took place to make such a large change, so quickly.

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