Mitch McConnell Appears To Be Restricting Press Access For Trump’s Impeachment Trial

I'm pretty sure the Constitution says something about that. Specifically, actually.

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Senate Majority Leader and shameful Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell has been in deep collusion with Donald Trump since the moment POTUS’s formal impeachment inquiry was announced by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi weeks ago, to ensure that once the process reached Mitch’s lap in the Senate it would go down as nothing more than a rigged sham.

Frankly, between McConnell, Trump-loving sycophantic South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and Trump himself that fact has been all but publicly admitted over the course of the past couple of weeks as Donald’s trial in the Senate quickly approaches. They’ve done their damndest to ensure that this entire process goes down in history as big a joke as the man they’re defending is.

However, it seems that even “Moscow” Mitch himself knows that he can only push the envelope so far in regard to how much he can get away with in the public eye.

According to a new report on Twitter from Politico’s Congressional reporter, Andrew Desiderio, McConnell is laying down some rather strict and ridiculous restrictions on the press when it comes to their coverage of Senate chamber during the impeachment managers’ walk-through — so strict and ridiculous, in fact, that he wouldn’t let them shoot any video of the walk-through, period.

“More ridiculous press restrictions on Capitol Hill today,” Desiderio’s tweet began. “Reporters are being blocked from accessing the Senate chamber during the impeachment managers’ walk-through this morning. TV cameras aren’t allowed to shoot any video outside the Senate chamber as the managers enter/exit.”

Essentially, Trump’s minion is following his dear leader’s direction and shitting all over the constitutional press freedom we’re supposed to enjoy in this country.

The Senate Majority Leader with his head so far up Trump’s ass his eyes are turning brown has even gone so far as to limit access to Senate jurors and banned electronic devices from being brought into the chamber during Trump’s trial in an attempt to seriously kneecap the public’s access to the information that will be seen, heard, and read during the trial.

This ain’t Russia, folks. And last time I checked, it wasn’t South Korea either. That’s not how this works. That’s not how this works at all.

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