Mitch McConnell Went On Sean Hannity’s Show, Appeared To Brag About Blocking Obama’s Judicial Picks, Then Laughed About It

God, he's so gross.

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is a sickening, shitbag of a human being for a plethora of disgusting ass reasons.

He refuses to take even an inch of action on massively important issues such as climate change or gun control — shooting down legislation just as fast as the House can pass it on to him, despite the fact that gun violence has quite literally become an epidemic in this country. And then he still has the gall to declare that “nothing is getting done” because House Democrats are just too wrapped up in Trump’s impeachment.

It’s really no secret that the man is a turtle-shaped waste of oxygen. And frankly, he knows it.

In fact, he’s proud of it and proved as much when he sat down for an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity and bragged about just how big a dick he really and truly is.

During the segment on Trump’s virtually state-run network, the Senate Majority Leader was sure to boast about blocking President Obama’s attempt to fill federal judicial vacancies over the course of two years while simultaneously gloating about assisting Donald Trump with stacking the courts with uber-conservative judges — all with a hearty, eat-shit laugh.

Hannity kicked off the conversation by telling McConnell, “I was shocked that former President Obama left so many vacancies and didn’t try to fill those positions.”

For the record, those positions weren’t simply left vacant by Trump’s predecessor. Obama was quite literally blocked at every turn by the GOP-ruled Senate, under the leadership of ol’ “Moscow” Mitch — something the Senate Majority Leader was quick to gloat about.

“I’ll tell you why,” McConnell replied. “I was in charge of what we did the last two years of the Obama administration.” He followed it up with a rather sickening laugh.

“I will give you full credit for that, and by the way take a bow,” Hannity equally disgustingly said. “All right, that was good line!”

This is far from the only monumentally shitty stunt McConnell pulled under the Obama administration either.

Not only did he block Obama’s attempt at filling those vacancies, he downright refused to even let then-POTUS’ Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, receive a hearing — telling Kentucky Today that blocking Obama’s nominee’s appointment was “the most consequential decision I’ve made in my entire public career.”

Frankly, he’s always been a super-colossal piece of shit. He’s just extra proud of showing it off now under Trump’s reign of terror.

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