Sean Hannity Asks Social Media What Democrats In Office Have Done Since Trump Was Elected; People Answered

Sean's head is stuck in Trump's massive ass.

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Donald Trump’s sycophantic supporters are continuing to echo their “president’s” rhetoric with the blatantly and easily disprovable claim that Democrats are doing nothing. Aside from impeaching the most corrupt “president” in history with no assistance from Republicans, there’s a voluminous amount of bills the House has passed only to end up in Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell’s legislative graveyard. Hundreds of bills are in McConnell’s paralytic grip and yet, Trump and his lackeys are pushing the “do-nothing Democrats” lie. Fox News’ Sean Hannity is one of those alleged humans.

“Think about it,” Hannity tweeted. “Since @realDonaldTrump was elected, what have Democrats, what have the media ever done to improve the lives of Americans? Create jobs? Safety, security, peace?”

Well, since he asked, Americans answered his question.

Sure, some people are buying fact-free Hannity/Trump’s schtick but state-run TV has apparently sucked IQ points out of their heads. Like this guy, for example:

Okay, maybe that’s a parody account of what the “average Republican” sounds like to the rest of sane Americans. Still, you could have fooled us with that tweet.

Sean was just schooled but he won’t care. The multimillionaire Fox host is too busy counting the money he garnered from his party’s tax cut for the wealthy.

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