MSNBC Interrupted Trump’s Remarks About China Tariffs, Cut To Commercial Break Instead

They were done with him.

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If there’s one thing Donald Trump deserves a gold sticker in, it’s barely coherent, nonsensical rants over just about every bullshit topic you can dream up. The man could literally pontificate about the price of Bic lighters and the quality of dog food. There is nothing sacred or safe from Donald Trump’s ire.

The worst part of it? He typically gets a shitload of airtime for his nonsensical diatribes and temper tantrums (we’re lookin’ at you Fox News). But the MSNBC network just was not here for it this time.

Yesterday, Trump took the opportunity to spiral into one of his trademark rants on the White House lawn, this time in regard to the recent mass shooting in Texas (their second in a matter of a few short weeks) as well as Hurricane Dorian that’s in the process of bearing down on the southeastern US.

Trump quickly began rambling in his own defense β€” because, let’s face it, not a lot of people are willing to go to bat for him these days β€” attempting to vindicate his tariffs on China that are currently wreaking havoc on millions of Americans and their livelihoods.

And it seems that MSNBC just did not want to hear it β€” so they cut the rambling president off, literally mid-sentence. And they didn’t even switch over to some commentary. They straight cut to a commercial without a mere second of explanation.

Frankly, we can’t blame them. Sometimes enough is just enough.

And it seems that their viewers certainly agreed with their decision, as they expressed their approval of the network’s decision on social media:

Honestly, we just wish we had a commercial option every time he speaks.

You can watch the clip here:

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