MSNBC Reporter Pressed Trump Voter For A Reason Why They’re Happy With Him, They Couldn’t Seem To Come Up With Anything: “Not That I Can Think Of”

Why doesn't this surprise me?

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I’ve spent a very long time trying to figure out what makes a Trump supporter tick. Especially now that we’re nearly four years into the guy’s term as president, I’ve often wondered just what it is that keeps the MAGA crowd coming back for more.

I mean, I get the fact that he allows them to be blatantly racist pieces of shit in broad daylight, because he himself is a blatantly racist piece of shit in broad daylight. But is that really enough to keep them entangled with the guy that’s ruining this country and everything it stands for right before our eyes?

There would have to be more, right? Why do they support him? What has he done to earn their vote over the last four years? How has he served them in any tangible way, aside from just allowing them to proudly display their racism? What is it about Donald Trump that makes him worth four more years of this suffering and misery?

Sometimes I don’t know if I’ll ever know the answer to that.

But, as it turns out, it seems as though some of his own voters don’t actually know the answer to that either.

Recently, a reporter with MSNBC confronted Jean Dinapoli while she was lounging in a pool at a Florida country club and asked her, “What do you plan to do with your vote in November?”

Of course, Trump,” Dinapoli proudly responded. “He’s the only president I could ever relate to.”

The MSNBC reporter continued to press her, asking, “Is there anything that you can point to that he has said he’d do and that he’s done that you’re really happy with?”

And lo and behold, she had nothing.

After a sort of awkward pause for a moment, Dinapoli ultimately responded with “Not that I can think of. I’m just glad he’s there. Like I said, I feel secure.”

Frankly, that pretty much solidifies my hypothesis about these people — he does nothing for them and they know it. But they get a little thrill from brown babies in cages and black men shot in the street and armed militias being deployed on anyone that doesn’t agree with their skewed and disgusting opinion of the way things ought to be. And regardless of the fact that Donald Trump is killing us all with a deadly virus, murdered our economy, and is on the fast track to becoming the United States’ first dictator, they’re simply not willing to let go of those little pleasures they get out of seeing someone that’s not like them get the short end of the stick.

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