MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Fired Back At Trump After He Once Again Lashed Out At Her Amid National Crises

Sit down, Donald.

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Because Donald Trump has nothing better to do — while Americans have been dying in massive numbers from the coronavirus outbreak that has swept the globe — the president has been taking shots at MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. Trump has a need for proving himself right when he’s wrong. The president believes that he’s above scrutiny, and his massive ego can’t handle criticism.

However, the press’s job is to hold a sitting president accountable, and that is why Trump deems any critical reporting of his administration to be “fake news.”

The former frozen steak salesman posted a video on Twitter edited with bleeps to lash out at the popular MSNBC host. Then, Maddow fired back in the most Rachel Maddow-y way ever.

“Hi again, Mr. President! That clip was from March 20, after you said the ship would be in New York harbor by last week. The ship was not in New York last week — which is what I said on my show,” she tweeted. You were wrong about it. No hard feelings. Everyone’s glad it’s there now. But you really have been terrible about communicating true, factual information to the public in this crisis. Please let the experts and scientists speak instead.”

“And please nationalize the supply chain for critical medical supplies. Thanks for watching, Mr. President,” she added.

Trump should prioritize issues a bit better than this — like, say, dealing with the pandemic that has brought this country to a standstill. But somehow, President Circus Peanut thinks his feelings rise above our safety. There is nothing we would wish for more than for Trump to address this deadly pandemic in a rational and consistent way, but instead, we have an unstable narcissist at the helm that proves during each presser that he’s incapable of leading the most powerful country on earth.

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