Don Jr. Tries To Defend His Sister’s Promotion Of Goya Products, Gets His A** Handed To Him

He's such an annoying little prick.

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Donald Trump Jr. lashed out at a reporter in defense of his sister Ivanka for pointing out that she violated ethics laws by promoting a Goya product on Twitter.

Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue has been under fire for praising Donald Trump’s presidency, remarks that sparked a boycott of the company. Despite this, Unanue has only doubled down on his support for Trump, whose family is now openly promoting Goya products. On Tuesday evening, Ivanka promoted a can of Goya beans on Twitter in her official capacity as a White House advisor.

Ethics experts say that her post violates federal ethics laws, since Ivanka uses her Twitter account to conduct government business.

New York Times reporter Peter Baker also noted the ethics violations, resulting in Don Jr. jumping to Ivanka’s defense.

Again, Ivanka works in the White House and uses her personal Twitter account to conduct government business. Therefore, she is violating ethics laws by promoting a Goya product, especially since it appears to be a quid pro quo to reward Goya for praising her daddy.

Social media took Don Jr. to the woodshed.

Trump and his family should not be using their government positions to reward private companies for being friendly to them. Ivanka, like her father and her husband, should be investigated and subject to prosecution for this kind of corrupt behavior.

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