MTG Penned A Pathetically Fawning Open Love Letter To Donald Trump That’s Getting Her Roasted To Hell And Back

That should've been an inside thought, Marjorie.

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Guys, I think Marjorie is head over heels in love.

The controversial and truly insufferable Georgia Republican House Representative got herself all worked up into a tizzy, literally screaming, when a reporter confronted her about “worshiping” convicted felon and ex-President Donald Trump — something Marjorie avows that she does not do:

Yet, less than 48 hours later, girlfriend was penning that same convicted felon who she absolutely does not worship a 300-word open love letter in a pathetically fawning post on X (formerly known as Twitter), leading us all to believe that Marjorie maybe wasn’t telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to her worshiping practices.

Greene opens her social media post that, quite frankly, should’ve been a DM, with a question for her followers: “What’s your favorite thing about President Trump?”

“I have several,” she writes, before jumping into her poetic version of counting the ways.

“One is how nice he is. Genuinely kind-hearted and caring about everyone,” she writes. “Every time I call him or see him, he always asks me how I’m doing in the most sincere way. And I love that he treats everyone that way.”

She goes on to praise the convicted felon and former president for being so “smart” and having “so many exciting ideas.” But, his “most admirable trait is how dedicated he is to putting America first.”

Seriously, this thing should’ve been rolled up in a scroll and sent with a carrier pigeon.

But, since Marjorie made the terrible decision to publicize this sorry excuse for a Harlequin romance novel, you can bet your bottom dollar that people in the comments capitalized on the opportunity to absolutely roast her with their own list of things they “love” about good ole Donald J. Trump:

Next time, keep your inside thoughts inside, Marje.

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