MTG’s Embarrassing Public Message To Donald Trump Got Her Buried In Public Mockery: “WORST President In History, Marge”

Well, I don't think that went according to plan.

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Fox News hurt a whole lot of feelings recently when they reported on findings from the Presidential Greatness Project that determined that Donald J. Trump came in dead last in a ranking of United States presidents, living or dead.

Among those gravely offended by not only these results, but Fox’s publication of them, was none other than good ole Marjorie Taylor Greene.

In what appeared to be an effort to combat the rather embarrassing development for the scandal-plagued, one-term, twice-impeached, 91-time indicted ex-president, Marjorie took to her X (formerly known as Twitter) account with an equally embarrassing President’s Day message to the former president.

However, her President’s Day wishes for Donald Trump didn’t seem to go according to the plan we’re sure Marjorie had in mind. Instead, the controversial right-wing Georgia congresswoman’s post only got her own ass buried in humiliating and very public mockery by the masses.

Greene wrote on X: “Happy Presidents’ Day to my favorite President and yours, President Donald J. Trump!” captioning a photo of the former US president turned convict at his old desk in the White House.

Social media users were quick to take to the comments on Greene’s post and push back on the definition of “yours” with regard to the topic of favorite US presidents.

We call that a backfire, Marge.

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