Mueller Report Came Back To Haunt Donald Trump’s Son, Unredacted Details From The Investigation Revealed Special Prosecutor Considered Charging Don Jr. With A Computer Crime

The truth is coming out.

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The Mueller Report is long gone and over by now. Frankly, so very much has happened since then, it’s hard to think of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the potential collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign as anything but a distant memory. When the now-former president seems to commit a new crime every day at this point, it gets hard to keep up with it all or give much thought to something that’s so far in the past now.

But it’s important to remember that while nothing much came from the Mueller report as far as repercussions for Trump goes, and we did get access to a limited amount of the information that came from the probe, most of the documents pertaining to the probe were covered with big walls of black ink thanks to then-Attorney General Bill Barr, who was desperately trying to cover up as much as he could for number 45 while they were still good pals. Long story short, there was an indescribable amount of information contained in the Mueller report that the American people never got access to, because the majority of the US government was more loyal to Donald Trump than they were to the American public.

However, Donald Trump isn’t president anymore and since his disgrace-filled departure from the White House, the truth behind his administration has seemingly come out in a slow but steady drip over the past year or so.

A bombshell new report from Buzzfeed explains that certain portions of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report have been newly unredacted and they reveal that the special prosecutor had considered charging Donald Trump’s eldest son and namesake, Don Jr., with a computer crime at one point during the probe.

Buzzfeed notes that Mueller and his team mulled the potential charges against Jr. upon discovery that the then-president’s son had accessed a protected computer with a password that was given to him by WikiLeaks.

The section of the newly unredacted report reads:

The facts known to the Office likely sufficed to establish each element of a misdemeanor violation of Section 1030(a)(2)(C). Trump Jr. received the password from WikiLeaks and then wrote to others that ‘it worked’ when he tried it, that evidence would support a conclusion that he ‘accessed a computer without authorization… That same course of conduct and Trump Jr.’s email admissions afterwards, also suggested that Trump Jr. acted ‘intentionally.'”

Prosecutors reportedly did not ultimately charge Don Jr. because he “accessed the website shortly before it went public using a ‘guessed’ password that, although it was sent to him individually, had also been posted by WikiLeaks to its public Twitter account.”

To be quite honest, God only knows what else what covered up by those walls upon walls of black ink in that report. We’ve come to accept that we, as American citizens, will likely never know the full scope of what Robert Mueller and his team discovered. We can only hope that the truth continues to come to light, even if it happens slowly.

You can read more details about what was recently unredacted in Mueller’s report from Buzzfeed here.

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