MyPillow Guy’s Zoom Interview Was Hilariously Interrupted By A Prankster That Called Him A “Completely Clueless Crazy Old Man”

Someone give this man a gold star.

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Folks, there’s a man walking around out there somewhere this very moment who deserves all the gold stars and stickers we could possibly muster up for him after he ruined one of Mike Lindell’s Zoom interviews in one of the most hilarious, genius ways we’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing.

Recently, the Trump-loving MyPillow CEO was (for whatever God-forsaken reason) holding a Zoom interview out in public when a heckling prankster with a camera came up and interrupted the pillow salesman’s call.

“I love you man!” the fellow with the camera said at first, prompting Lindell to respond, “I’m on TV right now.”

“I’m sorry about that! Keep fighting man,” the prankster said back, making one believe that he was a supporter of the MAGA pillow man at first glance. However, the heckler went on to offer up some backhanded “compliments” to Lindell that quickly made us realize that his support for the MyPillow guy was actually less than genuine:

Don’t let the libtards call you names! Don’t let them call you an ethically dubious pillow pusher. Don’t let them call you a marginally brain-addled corrupt goofball. Don’t let them call you names is what I’m saying. Be strong. Don’t let them push you around or call you names like completely clueless crazy old man who believes everything he sees on the internet.”

Based upon the time of day that the heckling incident occurred, paired with the fact that Lindell said “Brannon,” we’re guessing that the prank took place during Lindell’s Thursday interview with Brannon Howse for Worldview Weekend TV.

The interview largely and unsurprisingly focused on Lindell’s disdain for Fox News and his recent decision to pull MyPillow ads from the Conservative network after Fox refused to air a commercial for his up and coming “cyber symposium” — which is just his latest attempt to push the Big Lie surrounding the 2020 presidential election, something both Lindell and Fox News are already embroiled in lawsuits over.

Worldview Weekend TV, however, gave the MyPillow CEO permission to air his commercial during the interview, but seemingly edited out the heckler’s interjection.

You can watch the clip from Mediaite here.

Featured image via screen capture 

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