New Book Claims Mitch McConnell Laughed With Other Republicans About Trump Being Called A “F*cking Moron”

This is hilarious on so many levels.

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The new tell-all book, Peril by Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Robert Costa has shed a whole lot of light on a ton of different happenings within the now-former Trump administration — and all before the book has even actually hit the shelves.

However, the most revealing thing that we’ve found to come from the pair of journalists’ book, that’s set to release tomorrow, as well as Costa and Woodward themselves, is the true feelings a lot of Trump’s own “people” actually had about the now-ex-president.

Recently, the two authors/reporters spoke with MSNBNC’s Lawrence O’Donnell and told of a gathering of senators in the cloakroom on the heels of Trump’s former secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, calling Donald Trump a “f*cking moron.”


Apparently, none other than Kentucky senator and former Senate Majority turned Minority Leader Mitch McConnell got a few good chuckles in at Donnie’s expense after Tillerson’s outburst.

The authors reported, “‘Do you know why Tillerson was able to say that he didn’t call the president a ‘moron?’ McConnell would dryly ask colleagues in his Kentucky drawl. ‘Because he called him a f*cking moron!'”

The book from Costa and Woodward goes on to reveal that McConnell actually assisted President Biden in assuring there was a smooth transition of power behind the scenes, as Donald Trump remained petulant and steadfast in his refusal.

As we’re all well aware now, Trump has since set his sights on McConnell after leaving the White House, regularly disparaging and attacking the Kentucky GOP senator who rallied for him for so long. In fact, some reports have indicated that Trump is on the warpath to persuade Republicans to vote Mitch out of power.

The excerpt from Peril goes on to more deeply describe the trouble waters that grew between Trump and his right-hand man Mike Pence after the then-Vice President refused to follow Trump’s orders to somehow stop the Electoral College certification of Joe Biden’s election win as well as the violent riot that took place at the Capitol on that fateful January day.

It even goes so far as to detail a moment in which Trump’s aides were frozen and afraid as the then-outgoing President requested to have the doors opened on January 5th so that he could hear his supporters cheering for him just outside the White House.

“Isn’t that great!” Trump reportedly stated, beaming with joy. “Tomorrow’s going to be a big day.”

You can watch the clip from O’Donnell here:

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