NBC News Reports That City Officials In Alamo, TX Are “In The Dark” About Trump’s Visit Today; They Are Relying On News Report To Figure Out What The President Is Doing There

Why am I not surprised?

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Today, Donald Trump made his first public appearance since last week’s Capitol riot, perpetrated by his own violent supporters, and his subsequent ban from Twitter and various other social media platforms as he stopped to briefly speak with his reporters on his way to Alamo, Texas. The whole interaction was as bad as you’d expect, with Trump refusing to accept his part in instigating the Capitol attack and telling reporters, “people thought what I said was totally appropriate.”

But to make matters even worse, it seems that no one in Alamo actually knows why exactly the lame-duck President is coming there anyway.

According to reporters, officials with the city have no idea what Trump plans to do there and are relying on the news to determine what he’s up to.

In a letter from city manager Robert Salinas, he notes that Alamo officials had been given no notice of the trip or Trump’s schedule for his time there.

“We are currently receiving many phone calls and emails regarding the President’s visit but as you can see we cannot comment any further,” he wrote yesterday. “Regarding any potential protests or support for the President, we ask that all demonstrations are peaceful and respectful towards our law enforcement personnel and our surrounding communities.”

The White House claims that Trump’s visit is to commemorate the completion of 450 miles of his border wall, telling reporters, “We’re going to Texas. We’re going to the Southern Border. As you know we’ve completed the wall. They may want to expand it.”

However, his niece Mary Trump has a very different take on why her uncle is scrambling south.

Mary believes that Donald is headed to Alamo to “invoke the symbolism behind the historic battle that happened there,” according to a report from CNN.

I have to say, I tend to agree with her.

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