New Ad Shows Trump Supporters Who Regret Voting For POTUS

The 'president' will hate this.

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At this point, if you still support the scandal-plagued “president” who lashes out at critics on Twitter while touting the worst policies imaginable for poor slobs like us, then you are the con man’s mark and just don’t know it. The cult mentality of Trump supporters has been an amazing thing to see but because he’s on a destructive path, we’d really appreciate it if they’d stop propping up the traitor. Trump’s poll numbers have been plummeting and it was only a matter of time before some of the “president’s” supporters woke up from that fog they’ve been living in.

The super PAC American Bridge featured Trump supporters who have finally abandoned the “president” in an ad after launching a $50 million effort in four swing states to flip rural working-class voters who voted for the former reality show star.

In addition, according to The Hill, American Bridge is set to spend millions on polling and research in swing counties in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida to identify individuals most likely to abandon Trump.

The ads will feature personal stories of rural folks who voted for Trump but now regret it. There’s a reason for that, according to American Bridge Vice President Shripal Shah, who said it provides a “permission structure” for ex-Trump voters to come around to Democrats or to stay home on Election Day.

Watch a couple of the hard-hitting ads below:

Lori was intrigued over voting for a businessman but now she says she is “embarrassed” to have voted for Trump.

“We will 100 percent be focused on cutting into Trump’s support with rural working-class voters,” Shah said. “Over the course of this summer, we found a remarkable amount of opportunities. This will be unlike any paid media campaign before, it will be hyperlocal, authentic storytelling that highlights local voices to create a permission structure for Trump 2016 voters to flip back to our side in 2020.”

Walk away, Trump supporters. Just start walking. Unless you’re a masochist.

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