New Documentary On Melania Trump Is Reportedly In The Works And It Could Possibly Expose Some Serious Secrets About The Former First Lady

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If Melania Trump is anything, she’s a rather odd duck.

She certainly seems to love having attention on herself, but only in a way she deems her own terms, and she frankly didn’t seem to show a shred of interest in US politics or her husband’s presidency as a whole. In fact, it truly appeared as though she couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

Despite Melania’s truly prominent, 4-year spotlight, the fact of the matter still seems to be that not much of anyone knows much of anything about America’s former First Lady — especially when it pertains to her Slovenian roots.

Donald’s third wife is, of course, an immigrant from Slovenia, but to hear her tell it, you’d never know — so much so that she almost seems ashamed or secretive, at the very least mystical, about where she comes from. And two Slovenian filmmakers are working to get to the bottom of why.

iNews reports that Slovenian filmmakers Jurij and Tanja Gruden are currently working on a documentary, Catching Melania, that seeks an answer to the question, “What happens in a small town when the girl next door becomes First Lady of the US?”

“She remains one of the most photographed people in the world. Whether you like her or not, she attracts attention,” Tanja says of Melania Trump’s popularity, both in the US and her home country.

“There is nobody more famous from Slovenia, never [has] been or maybe never will,” they say.

The Grudens are looking to get to the bottom of why Melania Trump has seemingly turned her back on her roots, and there’s no denying that this documentary may very well produce some information on the former First Lady that we never knew before.

iNews reports:

Now, the Grudens say, she doesn’t stay in touch with anyone from Sevnica. One strand of the documentary is about Bernard Pungercic, a well known local theatre director and puppeteer who knew Melania when she was a child. He travels to the US and tries again and again to make contact with her but there is no response.

The only Slovenian interviewee in the film who still has regular interaction with Melania is her dogged Slovenian lawyer, Nataša Pirc Musar.”

One female resident from Sevnica says, “She used to be one of us,” in a manner that makes you think it’s hard for her to believe.

To really hone in on how ignored and forgotten Melania’s fellow Slovenian’s back home are feeling, the filmmakers actually perked up when asked if they thought Melania may try to suppress their documentary — because at least she’d finally be paying attention to them.

It certainly seems as though, if these two are successful, we may be finding out more about Melania Trump than we were ever prepared for.

You can read the extensive report from iNews here.

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