New Report Claims GOP Senators Have Been Warned By Trump Team Not To Vote Against The President In Impeachment Trial: “Your Head Will Be On A Pike”

Well, this is disturbing.

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Do y’all remember how shitty 2019 was, so you couldn’t wait for 2020 to get here? Then on January 3rd “World War III” was trending on Twitter and now this morning “Head on a pike” is trending on the behemoth social site. CBS News reports that Senators have been warned by Trump team: “Vote against the president, and your head will be on a pike.” So, now I’m cheering on 2021 to get here fast because witness intimidation from the “president” of the United States is just too much.

Democratic impeachment managers presented a comprehensive, masterful, and compelling argument that Trump abused his power by pressuring Ukraine for his own personal gain. Democrats utilized slideshow and video clips from previous testimony of current and former administration officials, as well as quotes from Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham. Republicans responded by complaining that they were bored.

And now we’ve gotten to the point of desperation from team Trump in which physical threats are issued if any Republican votes to convict the “president.”


Threatening jurors in a trial is a felony, not that laws mean anything anymore. Trump’s MAGA team will do whatever it takes to defend their “president,” especially when his own words are used against him, apparently. Trump sent out a tweet last night before the day’s trial concluded that was so unhinged, indefensible, and unpresidential, that it shocked the Internet. Trump sycophants will give him a pass, though, as usual.

Every misspelling, and every divisive word that comes out of Trump’s mouth and his Twitter feed is relevant. The former reality show star is supposed to be the “president” and not a mafia boss. And that brings us back to his Ukraine scandal in which he conditioned the release of direly needed aid to a foreign country for his own personal gain. So, if you doubt the “head on a pike” report, remember Trump’s own actions in which his history shows he has placed his own well being above the country time and time again.

Come on, 2021, hurry up and get here!

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