Republican Senator Appears To Mock Historic Impeachment Trial By Handing Out Toys To Colleagues

We knew these people were childish but damn.

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Trump’s GOP has made it their life’s mission to ensure that their Dear Leader’s impeachment trial in the Senate turns out to be nothing more than a massive sham. A joke that they can all go home and laugh about to their spouses before they drown their sorrows in whatever liquor it requires to forget that you’ve officially lost all your dignity and respect (Editor’s note: Tequila).

From the very start, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made his intentions clear as to what he would do once the articles of impeachment finally landed in his lap. It certainly wasn’t kept a secret that Mitch would be pushing this whole thing through as quickly as possible with as few legitimate trials and hearings taking place as possible — and his plan was backed up by equally shitty GOP Congressmen like South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.

It was really no wonder Nancy Pelosi wasn’t champing at the bit to hand over all the House’s hard work to someone that may as well be tossing it in the garbage.

But nevertheless, things had to proceed. Pelosi did turn out the articles once she felt she’d done all she could to ensure a fair trial and now the whole thing has pretty much been left up to a room full of people who have a rental property in Donald Trump’s pocket.

And frankly, it’s going about as ridiculous as we expected.

Since the start of the Senate trial earlier this week, Republican Congressmembers have made it very clear that they’re not taking a single moment of this very important process seriously. GOPers are refusing to stay in their seats throughout the hearings, despite Mitch’s clearly outlined rules. People are falling asleep in their chairs. Some of the ridiculous guidelines have been made public — including only allowing people to have milk, water, and candy throughout the hearing, no doubt in an attempt to make the whole thing as miserable for everyone involved as possible.

And now… Well, now they’re playing with toys.

Per a social media report from New York Times reporter Catie Edmonson, featuring a sketch artist rendering of Senator Richard Burr, the GOP members of Congress have been living it up in the Senate trial, or just attempting to express their boredom in the pettiest way possible, by playing with fidget spinners during the hearing.

It seems the source of the toys was Burr himself, who passed them out ahead of the hearing. But Burr wasn’t the only one to join in on all the fun.

“They do last for quite a while,” Senator Mike Rounds told USA Today politics reporter Nicholas Wu. “Not that it might outlast some of the dissertations we have in there, but it might make the time go a little quicker.”

According to reports, Sens. Tom Cotton and Pat Toomey were also spotted toying with fidget spinners throughout the hearing.

Other GOPers, who may have deemed themselves a bit too mature for children’s toys chose to pass the time in different ways. Instead of actually paying attention to the very real, very prominent happenings in the hearing, Sen. Marsha Blackburn was seen reading a book, according to NPR. While NBC News claimed Sen. Rand Paul “appeared to be drawing or tracing a sketch of the US Capitol.”

It’s pretty clear that these people weren’t kidding. They’ve dismissed this entire thing. They don’t care what the evidence says. They don’t care if they’re doing things the right or legal way. They don’t care that we have a corrupt, treasonous, criminal man in the White House.

They have fidget spinners to pay attention to instead.

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