New Report Claims Jan. 6th Panel Is Closing In On Trump’s Most Inner Circle, With Their Sights On None Other Than Ivanka And Rudy Giuliani, And It’s Apparently All Thanks To Jared Kushner’s Testimony

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According to a new report from The Guardian, the January 6th House Select Committee is finally beginning to close in on ex-President Donald Trump’s most inner circle, with their sights on two of Donald’s most key players, and it looks like it may be all thanks to his own son-in-law Jared Kushner’s recent voluntary testimony.

Per the report, panel members are hopeful that Trump son-in-law and former Trump administration senior advisor Jared Kushner’s recent testimony will serve as a hard push for other key players to now participate in their mounting, ongoing investigation into not only the January 6th Capitol attack and the events leading up to it but the specific role that ex-president Donald Trump played in inciting the insurrection.

The Guardian reports that the House Committee has ultimately conducted upwards of 800 depositions and interviews with more than 100 still remaining on their upcoming schedule. The report goes on to note that sources say one key witness’ upcoming testimony is expected to soon serve as the link between the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys militia groups and the January 6th Capitol siege.

That could, in turn, serve as the catalyst that allows the panel to determine whether now-former President Donald Trump presided over a criminal conspiracy in his attempts to overthrow the United States’ 2020 presidential election by potentially linking the Trump White House to organizers of the “Stop the Steal” rally that took place just hours ahead of the violent attack as well as the Right-wing militia groups that took part in storming the Capitol building.

In addition to this crucial testimony, The Guardian, citing “sources familiar with the matter,” reports panel members are in hopes that Kushner’s testimony to investigators will allow them to finally resolve their efforts to finally get depositions from Trump’s daughter Ivanka and his former personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani.

It seems at present time, the House panel has a special interest in hearing from Rudy, who personally oversaw the efforts to pressure Donald’s Vice President Mike Pence into refusing the certification of the Electoral College votes. However, the committee has remained unsuccessful in garnering Giuliani’s testimony, mostly due to continued, unhinged claims of executive privilege.

The report explains that panel members are hopeful that Ivanka, who was seemingly aware of the illegality of the scheme, can help them to determine whether or not her father was aware that what he was doing, in attempting to overthrow a US election, was against the law, but chose to do so anyway.

It certainly seems as though things are heating up to a fever pitch. I hope Trump knows, it’s only a matter of time now.

Read the full report from The Guardian here.

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