New Report Claims McConnell Is Calling Federal Judges And Asking Them To Retire Before Election As Trump’s 2020 Chances Look Worse

Scared, Mitch?

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According to a new report from the Louisville Courier-Journal, Trump himself isn’t the only one in a massive panic as his chances at another four-year reign of terror become slimmer and slimmer with each passing moment.

The report claims that “Moscow” Mitch — Kentucky Senator, Senate Majority Leader, and Donald Trump’s right-hand ass-kisser — is so worked up, in fact, that he’s been privately making frantic phone calls to Republican-appointed federal judges essentially begging them to retire, or at the very least take senior status, before this year’s election comes around.

One anonymous source with a close connection to the GOP Senator admitted, “Yes, he has made calls.”

The report doesn’t indicate when the Senate Majority Leader first started making this secret push towards GOP judges, but it’s fairly easy to deduce that the move is in connection to the fact that many GOPers are finally beginning to realize that Trump’s chances at reelection aren’t nearly as rock-solid as they were hoping for — especially now that Trump has entirely botched his response to the potentially deadly and rapidly spreading coronavirus and the subsequent, record-breaking stock market plummet.

It’s relatively clear at this point that Mitch wants to cover all his bases should their worst-case scenario come to fruition and a Democratic candidate ultimately takes Trump’s place in a few months. It appears as though the Kentucky Senator wants to ensure that the Republican party has plenty of time to replace any and all conservative federal judges who are looking to hang up their hats soon to prevent the Democratic candidate from having the chance to do so themselves should Donald ultimately be evicted from the White House.

This just goes to show that even Trump’s staunchest of allies are starting to see that Donald’s time may very well soon be up, and they’re grasping at every tiny little straw they can come up with, in an attempt to hang on to the GOP’s reign of terror for as long as humanly possible.

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