New Report Just Exposed The Secretive Process GOP Candidates Are Forced To Go Through To Get Donald Trump’s “Complete And Total Endorsement,” And It’s Even More Insane Than We Were Prepared For

Oh dear God.

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It’s no big secret that ex-President Donald Trump truly believes that his political endorsement is worth its weight in gold. But apparently the process that these Republican candidates are forced to go through in an effort to get one of those endorsements is.

According to a rather bizarre new report from Business Insider, Trump seems to be channeling his inner former game show days when it comes to throwing his support behind these Republicans, as GOP candidates looking to secure a “total and complete endorsement” from the one-term, twice impeached former guy are forced to go through a strenuous and secretive, multi-part selection process. It appears as though Donald’s ego has officially exploded his head beyond repair, as he attempts to center himself as the King Midas of Republican candidates from his comfy Mar-a-Lago resort, in connection to his efforts to push his way back into the White House in a couple of years.

Numerous GOP sources allegedly spoke with Insider and gave a behind-the-scenes look into what’s required of a Republican candidate if they’re looking to get Donald Trump’s public support, and apparently, a lot of it is cloaked in secrecy.

One insider to let the publication in on some of the secrets was Trump’s former press secretary and Dancing With The Stars washup, Sean Spicer.

“If you’re a Republican running in a primary right now, the single greatest endorsement that you can get is President Trump,” Spicer revealed in an interview. “Whether you’re running for president to dog catcher. The base of the party is going to be influenced by his endorsement.”

“There’s several parts of the process. Some of it is governed by aides. Some of it is personal relationships, and some of it is gut alone,” the former Trump press secretary explained. The publication goes on to paint a grim picture of GOP candidates hoping for a Trump endorsement finding themselves grilled and flipped by Trump aides and even some of his family members, ensuring that they’ve made a public show out of their support for the ex-president, before finally being given a scorecard and allowed the opportunity to personally try to impress Trump one-on-one.

The sources who spoke with Insider go on to note that, much like everything else involving Donald Trump, the ex-president’s standards are whimsical and unstable, at best, and candidates are expected to thoroughly meet each of his random whims. Oftentimes, candidates who have spent extensive time on careful planning often find their work tossed out the window in lieu of Donald’s random gut feelings.

Candidates who don’t already boast a strong personal connection to Trump, or a big pocketbook for GOP donations are subjected to a series of “challenges,” including making it past a panel of Trump’s aides, that often consists of Donald’s eldest son, Don Jr., as well as former deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino, and longtime FL Republican operative Susan Wiles.

The panel interviews the candidates and ultimately gives them a scorecard based on their loyalty and devotion to key issues such as immigration and the Big Lie.

You can read the full report from Insider here.

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