New Report Suggests Ukrainian Officials Seem To Be Frustrated With Trump And May Turn On Him Over His Continuing Need To Prioritize Russia Over Them

This could mean VERY bad news for Trump.

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Ever since news broke of Trump’s attempted bribery and extortion of Ukraine and his subsequent formal impeachment inquiry as a result of such, Donald has been relying heavily on Ukraine’s reiteration of his talking points as his only defense.

He leans heavily on Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to convince the masses that he did nothing wrong because Ukraine says so.

But in the course of trying to keep Ukraine in his corner while simultaneously attempting to keep Russia’s Vladimir Putin fully pacified, Trump may have finally, completely fucked himself.

Per a new report from The Daily Beast, officials within the Ukranian government are growing increasingly and rapidly frustrated with Trump’s continuing prioritization of Russia over the country of Ukraine, who is supposed to be an American ally.

The new report indicates that Ukranian officials have just about reached their boiling point with America’s “leader” in the wake of Zelensky’s recent meeting with Putin.

The Beast reports that according to “four people with knowledge of the talks” Ukranian officials have been in contact with Washington several times over the past week to discuss the relationship between the two world leaders and their respective nations. Government officials for Ukraine had evidently come to expect a “statement of support” from Trump for Ukraine, ahead of his meeting with the Rusian president, as a result of said talks.

However, such a statement never came from number 45, not so much as a mere whisper — almost assuredly due to Donald’s preeminence of loyalty to Russia above all else — and Ukraine is not impressed.

Ukranian officials felt, and rightly so, that such a statement of support for their country from the president of the United States would set a far better tone for Zelensky’s meeting with Putin and would certainly give him more leverage with the Russian president when it came to peace talks between the two nations — per the Zelensky administration as well as two additional sources close to the administration.

However, instead of releasing a supportive statement for the country that has helped keep his ass out of boiling water as of late, Trump spent the weekend tweeting hateful attacks against Fox News, Nancy Pelosi, and CNN — all while Zelensky attempted peace talks with the absolute anti-thesis of “peace” with not a bit of leverage to his name.

And to make matters that much worse, not only did Trump offer a helping hand of support to Ukraine, he entertained Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the heels of Zelensky’s Normandy meeting with Putin.

“Ukrainians say they view the coupling of Trump’s pre-Normandy silence and the administration’s decision to welcome Lavrov as a signal in an of itself—and not a good one,” The Beast’s report reads.

The publication goes on to explain that, per Ukranian officials, the Ukranian government has now been forced to reconsider their talking points in regard to the US government and more specifically, the Trump administration. Zelensky and his cabinet have thus far remained pretty well in line with Donald’s narrative regarding his scandal with Zelensky’s country. But according to the report, “they say they have little to show for it and may take a different public relations strategy in the future.”

Not only does this not bode well for Trump on a personal level regarding one of the only lines of defense he has left, it doesn’t bode well for his impending impeachment all the way around. Because whether Zelensky chooses to turn his narrative around or not, this is highly indicative that there’s more to the story than what Ukraine’s president has thus far been willing to share.

You can read the full report here.

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