New Video Clip Appears To Show Rare Sighting Of Melania Trump With Her Husband On Mar-A-Lago Dance Floor And Twitter Is Having A Field Day With It: “Melania Wants Her Check”

Was she earning her allowance?

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Ever since her husband left the White House in a cloud of scandal, shame, conspiracy theories, and big sore loser vibes, the American people just haven’t seen a whole lot out of Melania Trump. To be frank, I think she was so far and beyond done and fed up with the mess that was her husband’s presidency, and no one’s soon to forget the smile she finally left the White House with plastered all over her face.

Other than a good handful of apparent recent cash grabs throughout her post-White House days β€” her bizarre dip into the cryptocurrency world with her own NFT of her eyeball, auctioning off a ton of her own personal belongings, and multiple events that are supposed to see proceeds going to charity, but with seemingly no information of how much of the cash is being donated or where exactly it’s going β€” Melania has seemingly stayed tucked away out of the public’s eye, with reports even going so far as to indicate she’s not been a presence much at all at her husband’s golf club/home since they left the White House in a cloud of shame.

But a new video that’s floating its way around social media now she’s the Third Wife with her ex-presidential husband on the Mar-a-Lago dance floor during some event or another at the Florida club.

But even though she was technically present at the event, it didn’t look as though she was having a gay old time or anything, leading social media users to wonder if the former First Lady was just there to earn her allowance or what:

I gotta tell ya, Mel. I just don’t think it’s worth it.

Featured image via screen capture

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