Newly Released Footage From Just Days After Capitol Attack Allegedly Shows Mike Pence’s Raw Reaction To Demands That He Invoke The 25th Amendment Against Trump


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In yet another turn of terrible news for the scandal-ridden, one-term, twice-impeached former president, CNN has now released new, never-before-seen footage from the documentary series filmed and produced by Alex Holder about now ex-President Donald Trump and his family — and much of it pertains to the days leading up to, during, and directly following the January 6th Capitol attack.

Recently, it was revealed that the January 6th House Select Committee has obtained new, previously unreported footage, that’s never before been seen by the American people, that shows Donald J. Trump and his family on January 6th, in the hours before and after the deadly insurrection. This footage actually hails from Holder’s documentary on the Trump family and the ex-president’s inner circle, Unprecedented, that he was filming and producing for Discovery+. Ultimately, the House Committee subpoenaed this footage from Holder, along with the filmmaker’s testimony — all of which Holder willingly complied with.

CNN has been able to release the trailer for the series in their capacity as a sister company to Discovery+, and the network followed that up with bombshell footage of Mike Pence’s interview with Holder just 6 days after January 6th — showing former Trump Vice President Mike Pence’s raw reaction to demands that he invoke the 25th Amendment against Donald Trump, on the heels of the violent, deadly Capitol attack, during which Pence was personally targeted by Trump’s rabid mob of supporters.

In the footage of the documentary interview with Pence, the then-VP gets a notification from his staff, regarding the release of the congressional draft resolution that demanded he invoke the 25th Amendment against Donald Trump. Holder’s documentary notes that the 25th Amendment would give Mike Pence the power to declare Trump unfit for office and effectively remove him from the presidency, provided he acquired a majority vote from the president’s cabinet.

After he looked at the notification, Pence said, “Yeah, excellent.” The then-VP then instructed one of his aides to print him out a hard copy of the document, as he prepared to head home.

Watch the footage from CNN here:

Featured image via screen capture 

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