“No Diet Coke”: Prison Expert Described Donald Trump’s Grim Future If He’s Jailed For His Crimes

This is a terribly grim future for Donald Trump.

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As the legal troubles mount and the walls close in on scandal-plagued former President Donald Trump, a recent report has painted a grim, desolate future for the 91-time indicted ex-POTUS, should Trump see a criminal conviction in Judge Tanya Chutkan’s courtroom on charges related to his involvement in the deadly January 6th Capitol insurrection — including a drastic, decades-long change in living conditions that Trump would undeniably find difficult to cope with.

Ankush Khardori with Intelligencer spoke with a variety of sources — including sentencing experts, former prison officials, and an ex-Secret Service agent — about what a guilty ruling in the federal election interference case against Donald J. Trump would actually mean for the former president and his currently lavish lifestyle full of golfing, luxury resorts, and all the Diet Cokes his heart could desire. The general consensus among all the above experts was a truly grim, desolate future for the ex-president, full of endless days behind bars, working jail jobs for 40 cents on the hour, and needing protection from being “punched in the face.”

Mark Allenbaugh, a former attorney for the U.S. Sentencing Commission noted that an “aggressive” sentence against Donald Trump could come in “north of 20 years based on the violence and physical injuries that resulted from the siege of the Capitol,” based on sentences that have been dolled out against other insurrectionists involved in the J6 attack over the last few years.

Khardori further noted that Trump’s luck is likely even worse, with regard to his potential sentencing, as Judge Chutkan “may also have been the worst possible draw for Trump among all of the judges in Washington.”

While legal experts suggested that Trump would likely serve his sentence at the minimum security FPC Pensacola, about 9 hours away from his comfy Mar-a-Lago resort, former career Bureau of Prisons official Hugh Hurwitz took special interest in the conditions Trump would be living in.

On the topic of Donald’s fashion, Hurwitz said the former president’s clothing would consist of “an olive shirt that must be tucked in at all times, olive pants, white socks, and black shoes.”

“Everybody that’s in federal prison is expected to have a job if they’re physically and mentally able to do,” he goes on to explain. “Maybe they’re working maintenance on the grounds — you know, cutting grass — maybe they’re working in the kitchen, doing dishes or serving food; maybe if they have some skill in plumbing, they can help out in there.”

Intelligencer reporter Khardori further added that the clothing would be the least of Donald’s worries, as prisons don’t tend to stock up on the key staples of a Trump diet.

“In recent years, the commissary at FPC Pensacola has not carried Diet Coke, but another Trump favorite — ketchup — can be purchased for $2.55,” the report reads. “A wide variety of other items are available — including candy, stamps, over-the-counter medicines, and packaged food — but inmates are limited to spending just $360 a month.”

When it comes to Donald’s safety and security in the Big House, former Secret Service agent Jeff James confirmed that the agency has no protocol or precedent in place for a situation that saw an ex-United States president behind bars, but did feel certain that Trump would have some sort of security provided to him.

“The folks in prison are a cross-section of society, so you’re going to have people that even in prison are going to love him and people who are going to hate him,” James explained. “Just because they’re confined doesn’t mean we could cut him loose, because maybe somebody doesn’t want to kill him — maybe they just want to punch him in the face.”

You can read the full report here.

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