Attorney Warns The FBI That Trump Is Getting “Desperate” Enough To Possibly “Sell America’s Top-Secret Information” To The Highest Foreign Bidder

This is terrifying.

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Donald Trump’s legal bills and criminal fines are racking up to the tune of more than half a billion dollars, with no end in sight, and one attorney is now trying to warn the FBI that the corrupt and “desperate” former president may soon attempt to cash in on the pile of US intel he stole to the highest foreign bidder in an effort to get himself out of the red.

Longtime attorney and author Kenneth Foard McCallion spoke with Salon this week and warned US intelligence agencies to watch the former president closely, as he doesn’t doubt that Donald may attempt to sell US intel and military secrets to a hostile foreign power as a way to cover his mounting bills.

“Between Judge [Arthur] Engoron’s rulings and the E. Jean Carroll case, Trump owes close to half a billion dollars at this point. Trump’s lawyers keep saying he can put up a $400 million bond, but that’s going to liquidate all of his available cash. There’s only so much that Trump can squeeze out of his election campaign fund to finance his legal bills and judgments,” McCallion told Salon’s Chauncey DeVega.

DeVega notes that, with Trump on the hook for approximately half a billion dollars and counting, the possibility of him cashing in on US secrets would be a “doomsday scenario.”

“Trump was either psychologically a kleptomaniac by taking the top-secret papers down to Mar-a-Lago or he’s crazy like a fox. That secret information is an asset. When in trouble, Trump has shown that he is willing to monetize whatever assets he has,” McCallion explained, going on to add that Donald Trump is more desperate than ever and “is extremely vulnerable and potentially receptive to an overture from a hostile foreign state actor.”

Ultimately, the attorney has no doubt that Trump “would sell America’s top-secret information if he thought he could get away with it.”

“Again, Trump is desperate, so he may run the substantial risk that he will get caught red-handed. The bottom line is that the criminal indictments may continue to multiply as Trump continues to push the envelope and monetize whatever assets and information that he has.”

You can read the full report from Salon here.

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