Not So Powerful After All: High-Ranking Political Insider Dished Details On Trump’s Marriage, Claimed That Melania “Has The Upper Hand Over Her Husband… And He Complies”

Apparently things are not as they seem.

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On the surface, Donald J. Trump certainly comes across as a domineering, narcissistic, controlling man, if there ever were one. There’s simply no denying that he’s extremely bossy and fickle, and wants to command and rule over everyone in his presence — including his wife and children.

However, according to one rather high-ranking political, all may not be what it seems behind closed doors.

The topic of the Trump marriage has long been speculated on and questioned — so much so, in fact, that Trump even released a cringe-worthy montage of his beloved wife this week, in what appeared to be an attempt to shut down the critics and theories about his 20-year marriage.

But not long ago, Brigitte Macron, the wife of French President Emanuel Macron, shed some insight on the inner workings of the Trump marriage that goes on outside of the public eye, after spending a significant amount of time personally interacting with the couple when Donald Trump was in office.

Macron’s revelations came as part of an interview she sat for with Paris Match late last year, where they spoke about Melania’s marked absence on her husband’s campaign trail.

According to Brigitte, Melania’s decision to stay out of the public limelight with her husband isn’t that big a deal, as she says Mel is the one actually calling the shots behind the scenes.

“Melania Trump is very sweet. But she has the upper hand over her husband,” Macron said. “When, at a dinner party, she taps on her watch, her husband understands that it is time to get up and ­leave. And he complies. She has a strong personality.”

Macron was quick to admit that she certainly has a much closer relationship with Melania’s successor, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, but she still spoke kindly of Donald’s wife, describing Melania as “actually really fun” and someone who “laughs very easily, at everything.” She also said she felt sorry for Melania Trump over how “constrained” she seemed to be in her Washington D.C. life.

“She can’t even open a window at the White House. She can’t go outside. She’s much more constrained than I am. I go out every day in Paris.”

Donald personally hinted at Melania’s rather controlling tactics behind the scenes at an Ohio rally last year, where he said of his wife: “She says, ‘Darling, I love you so much, but this is not presidential when you do the weightlifting, this is not presidential, or when you do the swimming thing, it’s not and you know, I understand, or when you dance off the stage…'”

It’s pretty clear that Donnie knows his wife is a shark and he goes out of his way not to drip any blood in the water w when it comes to her.

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