People Thought Trump Had A “Medical Emergency” In A Video Message Where He Heavily Slurred And Choked On His Words: “Truly Concerning”

I really don't think this man is well.

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Suffice it to say, Donald Trump is going through a lot right now — enough to make even the strongest of humans mentally crack and crumble, all of which is a direct result of his own crimes and corrupt actions.

The scandal-plagued former US president is now facing a staggering four historical criminal indictments lodged against him, with more likely to come. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box with his groundbreaking, 34-count felony criminal indictment against Donald J. Trump in the infamous Stormy Daniels hush money case. Following Bragg’s monumental move, the indictments started rolling in like hotcakes against the ex-president, with no real end in sight.

The hush money indictment was quickly followed by a 37-count federal felony indictment by DOJ-appointed Special Counsel Jack Smith, in relation to the notorious stolen government document scandal. Smith soon came back around with a so-called superseding indictment that added three additional charges to the document indictment, bringing Trump’s grand total of felony federal charges in this case to a whopping 40. Special Counsel Smith came around once more with a second, separate indictment against the former president with a total of 4 federal felony charges related to Trump’s efforts to overthrow the 2020 US presidential election and his involvement in the deadly January 6th attack on the Capitol.

Before the dust could even settle surrounding the bombshells dropped by Jack Smith, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis dropped her own bombshell with a late-night 13-count felony indictment against Donald Trump and multiple co-conspirators, including massive RICO charges.

Willis’ bombshell brought Donald Trump’s grand total to a whopping 91 charges across all four felony indictments.

Frankly, just a portion of all of the above is enough to send anyone off the deep end, including someone already as mentally fragile and unhinged as Donald Trump.

And boy, does it certainly look like he’s gone off the deep end…

People across social media couldn’t help but notice how truly unhinged the disgraced former president seemed following one of Trump’s new, manic video messages — in which, the message itself was bad enough, but what was worse, was Donald’s appearance and behavior, including deeply slurred words and an overall air of insanity.

It was so bad, in fact, that many people couldn’t help but wonder if the former guy had suffered some sort of “medical emergency.”

See for yourself:

Of course, we’re all pretty used to seeing Donald Trump in an unhinged state. But this particular incident was bad enough to raise questions, suspicions, and theories across the board:

My suggestion? Try an insanity plea, Donnie Boy. You certainly fit the bill at this point.

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