NRA Had The Audacity To Post On Social Media After Highland Park Tragedy And The Governor Of Illinois Was Not Having It

Did I just hear a mic drop???

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On Monday of this week, the Independence Day holiday in the US, mass shooting suspect, 21-year-old Robert “Bobby” E. Crimo III, opened fire on a Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois, where he shot and killed 7 people and injured upwards of 30 more.

The Highland Park massacre is just yet another in a long line of mass shootings in the United States in recent weeks that seemed to get their kickstart from the absolutely tragic Uvalde mass murder, where 19 children and 2 teachers were gunned down inside a 4th-grade classroom in Robb Elementary School.

This long string of seemingly neverending mass shootings has brought more and more attention to the dire, desperate need for some semblance of sensible gun control in the US. More and more people are beginning to speak up in support of gun laws that would help to prevent more senseless deaths at the hands of people with guns who should NEVER have guns. Even some Republicans have begun to realize that enough is enough. Something HAS to be done.

And it’s scaring the National Rifle Association out of their wits.

Hot on the heels of the catastrophic Highland Park Independence Day shooting, the NRA took to their Twitter account with this little dandy:

” Since 1950, 94% of mass public shootings occurred in gun-free zones,” the National Rifle Association wrote on social media.

Illinois governor, JB Pritzker, was having absolutely none of it.

“And 100% of mass public shootings happen with guns,” the governor shot back on Twitter in response to the NRA’s post. “As Governor, on behalf of the people of Highland Park — leave us the hell alone.”

I think he was pretty damn clear, don’t you?

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