Americans Rip “Showman” Joel Osteen As He Appears “Jolly” While Speaking To Reporters Moments After Attack On His Megachurch: “Professional Con Artist”

Osteens demeanor left people with a lot of thoughts.

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Americans have once again found themselves utterly disgusted with the infamous Joel Osteen when the Texas megachurch pastor appeared to be a bit overly “jolly” when speaking to the press just moments after news broke that his church was the target of a shooting.

News broke yesterday that a woman, now identified as 36-year-old Genesse Ivonne Moreno, walked into Lakewood Church in Houston, TX, wearing a trench coat and a backpack with a 5-year-old with her, and opened fire inside the former Houston Rockets arena turned massive megachurch, while they were “in between services.”

Moreno was shot and killed by officers on the scene. The 5-year-old boy was also shot during the attack and is reported to be alive but in critical condition. One other man was left injured.

The 60-year-old televangelist is now under fire on social media due to his seemingly inappropriate reaction to the shooting inside his megachurch when talking to reporters in the aftermath of the attack, with people calling Osteen a “showman” and “con man.”

“OSTEEN IS THE POSTER BOY FOR A FAKE CHRISTIAN,” one X (formerly known as Twitter) user wrote in a caption of the news clip, before going on to call the televangelist a “showman” and stating, “He’s not a real Christian, he is a professional con artist.”

People across social media were quick to notice Osteen’s somewhat strange demeanor and had plenty of thoughts about the “prosperity” pastor as a whole in the wake of the attack:

This isn’t the first time Osteen has been the subject of the internet in recent weeks, as Americans recently took him to task for his less-than-humble and tear-filled brag about paying off the $100 million loan taken out by the church to convert the 16,000 capacity former NBA stadium into his massive mega-church in only 19 years.

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