NYT Confirmed Trump Is Having Serious Money Problems In NY, His Own Ex-VP Held Private Donor Meetings In The City For Potential 2024 Run: “The More People See Him, The Worse He Looks”

Things really aren't going well for Trump.

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Donald Trump’s financial issues, amid his already struggling 2024 campaign, are only serving to get worse for the ex-president as big-money conservatives donors in his old stomping grounds of New York City turn their attention and their wallets away from the scandal-ridden former guy, while his own former vice president encroaches on Trump’s old turf, and the big money that comes with it, according to a new report from the New York Times. 

Trump once raked in big money across New York City but a new report indicates that the liberal city’s conservative crowd has grown tired and weary of the former guy and his near-constant antics and scandals and are looking to spend their big bucks elsewhere as more and more high potential Republican candidates join the scene and have begun to sniff around NYC for some hefty campaign donations to potentially defeat Donald Trump.

According to the Times, Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin, who formerly served as a CEO for Carlyle Group, is spearheading some of this effort to dethrone Donald Trump’s “King of the GOP” status as he leverages his deep ties to the city’s financial community to acquire meetings and gain support for his efforts to officially push Trump out.

But when it comes to the efforts in New York to dismantle Donald Trump and his 2024 campaign, Youngkin isn’t the only one, nor is he the “worst” — as NYT reports that Donald’s own former Vice President Mike Pence is among those making the rounds in NYC, looking for support and cash.

“Mr. Pence held private meetings in New York City with an undisclosed number of potential donors, part of his efforts as he considers running for president. He has been in New York a number of times, making media appearances but also forging connections with Republican donors who liked aspects of the Trump-era policies but did not care for Mr. Trump’s behavior,” the report confirms.

Former NY Republican Senator turned lobbyist, Alfonse D’Amato, told the newspaper that New York’s wealthiest conservatives have had it up to here with the former real estate “mogul” turned scandal-ridden ex-president.

“Most of these people are coming in only because they are looking to raise money. Where is the money? The money is in New York,” D’Amato told the publication before going on to add, “I’d be the first to tell you that as a president, he did a good job. But thereafter he just butchered himself. He blew the election and claims it was a stolen one. They outhustled you, they outsmarted you, they outcampaigned you.”

The former lawmaker didn’t mince his words when he noted that Donald Trump’s unsavory past has seemed to finally catch up with him.

“No way does Trump have New York locked up,” D’Amato said. “The more people see him, the worse he looks.”

Grocery store magnate and former MAGA supporter John Catsimatidis weighed in and admitted to the paper that he’s personally looking elsewhere when it comes to a Republican 2024 candidate he wants to throw his support and money behind — because Trump no longer fits that bill.

“I have advised him that he should be telling people how good he is, and the good things he accomplished for our country versus how bad the other people are,” he told the Times. “He has to be able to achieve 51 percent, and you’re not going to achieve 51 percent unless you can get the people in the middle to go your way.”

You can read the full NYT report here.

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