NYT: Paranoid Donald Trump Banned His Aides From Taking Notes In Meetings Because He Was Terrified They Would Come Back To Haunt And Incriminate Him

The paranoia is almost overwhelming, isn't it, Donald?

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Scandal-ridden ex-President Trump’s deep-seated and long-running corruption has gotten a front-row seat in the public spotlight, in connection to infamous former FBI agent Peter Strzok’s wrongful termination lawsuit, which recently saw sworn testimony from none other than Donald’s own former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly.

Recently, New York Times journalist Michael Schmidt released bombshell reporting on Kelly’s new under-oath statement in the case that exposed Donald’s desire to illegally leverage the Internal Revenue Service to launch an investigation and essentially sic the federal institution on Peter Strzok and Lisa Page; two infamous former FBI agents who were deeply involved in the Mueller-led investigation into Donald’s alleged campaign ties to Russia.

Schmidt recently made an appearance on MSNBC to expand on that explosive and disturbing revelation, with a few more explosive revelations added into the mix.

Speaking with host Alex Witt, the NYT reporter revealed that Donald Trump had a long-standing ban against his lawyers and aides taking any notes during their meetings, as the now-former president was paranoid that those notes could one day come back to haunt and incriminate him.

Schmidt noted that Kelly did, in fact, take notes during his meetings with Donald Trump — the very same notes that the former WH Chief of Staff ultimately handed over to the Department of Justice in connection to their investigations into the corrupt former president — despite Trump’s vehement demands against any note-taking during any meetings in his administration.

Host Witt questioned, “Why couldn’t he take notes when he was having meetings with Donald Trump? What is that about?”

“This is something that Trump has said before,” Schmidt answered. “He said to his first White House counsel Don McGahn that he did not like lawyers, he likes lawyers that didn’t take notes. Trump has repeatedly said to his aides that he does not like it when they document what he says.”

“As Kelly says in the sworn statement, Trump said he thought that these could be used against him later on,” the NYT reporter continued. “As we have seen, Donald Trump’s own words have gotten him into trouble. His own words in the audiotape that was part of the indictment that was brought for his mishandling, obstructing, and returning classified documents to the government. His own words can be very incriminating to himself and he seems to have had at least some awareness of that by telling Kelly he didn’t want him to take notes, and this is something, as I was saying, that he has said to other aides.”

Essentially, Trump didn’t want his crimes recorded on paper.

Watch the MSNBC segment here:

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