NYT Report Blew The Lid Off Senator Josh Hawley, Including A Bizarre Poster From College And His “Disappointed” Prom Date

Oof. Dude, that's embarrassing.

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GOP Senator Josh Hawley has found himself in a less than flattering spotlight recently, due mostly in part to his apparent defensiveness over the January 6th Capitol insurrection and the Big Lie that goes with it, claiming that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump via massive voter fraud. To say the very least, all of his antics have earned him a rightful place under the scrutiny of the public eye — and the New York Times’. 

Recently, the Times published a bombshell tell-all on the Conservative Congressman and it’s chock full of details and revelations that even we weren’t quite prepared for.

The NYT report takes a deep dive into the history of Josh Hawley and his obsession with politics, all the way back to his school days, and it seems those who knew the senator in the past aren’t all that impressed with him now.

According to the report, Hawley’s middle school principal, Barbara Weibling, weighed in on her former student.

“I’m not surprised he’s a politician and that he’s shooting for the presidency,” Weibling, a staunch Democratic supporter said. “The only thing is, I think he had a strict moral upbringing, and I was really disappointed he would suck the country into the lies that Trump told about the election. I just think that’s wrong.”

As Hawley got older, he got no better.

Kristen Ruehter-Thompson, a close friend of Hawley’s when they were growing up who even went to prom with him, said, “I’ve been very disappointed to see who he has become.”

But perhaps the most disturbing of all the revelations contained in the bombshell report pertained to a poster that Hawley allegedly had hanging on his wall in college.

From the Times:

On campus, Mr. Hawley wrote columns for the conservative Stanford Review and was active in student ministry groups. He described his worldview in gauzy phrases like ‘a proper sense of shared citizenship,’ but drew a clearer line on at least one issue. Above his bed he hung a sepia-toned poster of a shirtless male model cradling a newborn; when asked by classmates, he said it reflected his fervent stance against abortion. (The Hawley spokeswoman said the poster is ‘not something he remembers. But he’s proudly pro-life.’)”

The Times’ Josh Barone posted the article to his Twitter with what we’re assuming is an image of the poster in question:

Long story short, it seems as though Hawley has always been “this bad,” we’re just starting to get the full force of his crazy for ourselves.

You can read the full report here.

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