Obama’s Former National Security Adviser Called Lindsey Graham “A Piece Of Sh*t”

She's not wrong!

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People are getting really sick of Lindsey “Lapdog” Graham’s shit. Seriously. The dude’s always been a douchecanoe to the nth degree. But this is the same guy who declared to the world that America would go straight to Hell in a handbasket should Donald Trump be elected president.

And here we are, almost three years later, and the handbasket is getting tight and it’s starting to smell in here and our asses are getting hotter by the day and we can hear Satan’s tap shoes down there. And what’s Lindsey Graham doing? Lindsey Graham is shoved so far up Trump’s ass his nose is likely permanently that brown color now.

So when Trump’s predecessor (and sworn enemy because Trump’s an immature crybaby) Barack Obama’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice straight-up called Senator Graham a “piece of shit” we were just kind of like, “Well, yeah. He really is. The biggest piece of shit.”

During an episode taping for the podcast Pod Save the World, Rice made her feelings on the sycophantic Senator, whose sexual kinks are evidently so bad that it’s worth groveling at the feet of the likes of Donald Trump, well known.

And y’all, I’m here for it.

Rice’s declaration came on the heels of a fellow former Obama advisor Tommy Vietor who used the term first in reference to Graham when discussing the 2012 Benghazi attack in Libya.

One host of the podcast, Ben Rhodes, who was a deputy national security adviser under Obama stated, “You have to understand Benghazi to understand [President] Trump.”

“Right, because Lindsey Graham isn’t just a piece of shit now,” Vietor stated before Rice quickly interjected with her own statement.

“He’s been a piece of shit,” she declared. “He’s a piece of shit.”

Of course, Graham hasn’t had a damn thing to say in response as of yet. Because, like his idol Donald, powerful women make him pee his pants.

Unless, of course, it’s Twitter we’re talking about. And then Trump’s fine with calling her a “disaster”:

So in conclusion, Lindsey Graham is a piece of shit, who’s blindly devoted to an even bigger piece of shit.

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