On Presidents’ Day, Video Of Obama Expressing His True Feelings About Trump Resurfaces On Social Media

Can we please just have him back now? Please?!

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When it comes down to it, this nation hasn’t had a good, decent president who cared about human beings on the most basic level since Barack Obama and his family departed the White House three years ago. That’s not a matter of opinion at this point, nor is it up for debate. It’s simply the truth. While certainly not perfect (because who is?) Trump’s predecessor lived every day of his life as president with the good of not only this country but human beings all around the globe at heart.

Donald Trump cares about himself. And all of his actions, policies, and behaviors as “president” are wholly evident of that. Frankly, it leaves us all with absolutely nothing good to say about number 45.

And while Donald’s forerunner tends to keep quiet about his feelings regarding the “man” to come after him these days, it comes as no surprise on this Presidents’ Day that we all find ourselves reminded that Obama once had plenty to say about the washed-up reality TV “star” — and none of it was high praises.

As the nation honors, recognizes, and celebrates our long line of leaders (except for you, Donald. No one wants to celebrate you), a resurfaced video of our last legitimate president is making its rounds on social media in which Obama is frankly sticking it to Donnie.

“Apparently in a speech yesterday he started talking about global elites, and there was a conspiracy of global elites,” Obama stated of Trump in the resurfaced clip, as he started to laugh. “This is a guy who spent all his time hanging around, trying to convince everybody that he was a global elite. Talking about how great his buildings are. How luxurious. How rich he is and flying around everywhere. All he had time for was celebrities. And now suddenly he’s acting like he’s a populist out there. ‘Man. I’m gonna fight for working people!'”

“C’mon, man!” Obama continued with a laugh both from himself and the crowd. “You wanna know what somebody’s gonna do?! Look what they’ve been doing their whole lives!”

It certainly made Twitter users reminisce on the good ol’ days when we had a president who didn’t make us gag:

Good God, I miss him.

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