Pence Solicits Church Donations During COVID-19 Press Briefing

Begging Americans for money on behalf of churches is really scummy.

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Vice President Mike Pence directly solicited church donations during the coronavirus press conference/campaign rally on Good Friday in violation of the spirit of separation of church and state.

Trump and Pence were desperate to reopen the country on Easter Sunday so that pastors could fleece their flocks. They even took a call from several of them urging them to promote tithing as the pandemic struck the nation.

And so, Pence stood behind the podium and praised churches even though hospitals need help far more than God does right now. His remarks were bashed on Twitter, especially since 16,000 Americans are dead and over 300,000 are infected. Families across the country are living in fear and mourning the loss of loved ones. Church is just not that important right now, and asking Americans to donate to churches in the midst of an economic downturn that has put 16 million out of work is downright insulting.

But Pence did it again as churches gear up for an Easter Sunday that will deprive preachers of revenue for their bank accounts.

“On their behalf, allow me to remind you that even if you’re not in the pew this Easter Sunday if you are able it’s still a good idea to give because those ministries continue to go forward, and we encourage you to continue to support them,” Pence said.

Here’s the video via Twitter:

Of course, Americans don’t really need to do this, especially since Senate Republicans and the Trump administration are poised to pay preachers’ salaries using taxpayer money from the stimulus package passed late last month.

It is beyond cruel and greedy for churches to continue asking for money during a health and economic crisis, but it’s even more pathetic that they are resorting to asking Pence to solicit money for them.

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