Pentagon Reportedly Confirms The Military Will Not Hold A Farewell Ceremony For Trump, As It Has For Past Presidents

Trump is gonna be big mad.

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As Donald Trump walks out of office in disgrace to flee to his Florida resort, Mar-a-Lago, he won’t be getting the traditional military sendoff he most likely wanted. Defense One — a site that focuses on national security issues — reports that the Pentagon confirmed that the military will not hold a farewell ceremony for Trump — in a break with tradition. The executive editor, Kevin Baron, tore Trump apart in his scathing article.

“The Pentagon, in a break with recent tradition, will not host an Armed Forces Farewell Tribute to President Donald Trump,” Baron writes.”It’s a shame, but not a surprise. Trump will leave office in disgrace, one week after the House voted a second time for his impeachment, two weeks after his supporters staged a deadly siege in the Capitol Building, six months after he dragged his Joint Chiefs chairman into a political firestorm, and after four years of nonstop assaults on truth.”

“One of those disgraces is how he is ghosting the U.S. troops that he commanded. On Wednesday, the White House announced that this weekend Vice President Mike Pence “will deliver remarks to sailors on the Trump Administration’s historic foreign policy achievements at Naval Air Station Lemoore,” and then to the 10th Mountain Division, in Fort Drum, New York,” he continues. “Two senior defense officials confirmed to Defense One on Thursday that no military farewell is being planned for the commander in chief.”


Baron notes how Trump used the military as a “political prop.”

“Perhaps it’s for the best. Trump has used the military as a political prop since his first days in office, from signing MAGA hats for troops to giving partisan-fueled speeches in the heart of the Pentagon,” he writes. “America’s soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines have been made to stand at attention for Trump’s rants long enough. Besides, presidential visits are an honor and a headache for any military base that hosts them. The last time Trump appeared before troops was the Dec. 12 Army-Navy game at West Point. Before that, there was a brief Oct. 29 private visit with Army special operators at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, as he passed through on the presidential campaign trail.”

It’s never been about America First. Instead, it’s always been about Trump.

“But I’ve seen the fawning exuberance in the eyes of young service members thrilled to see real live presidents of the United States who visit them,” he continues. “There are ways Trump could have shown his respect to the millions of service members who put their lives on the line for their country. If only he could allow any moment to not be about himself.”

We’re sure Trump will take that news well. The twice-impeached outgoing president is reportedly reviewing plans for an event at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland that resembles a state visit, with supporters, a red carpet, color guard, military band, and 21-gun salute all being discussed. Trump, though, deserves nothing except to be shunned by society for the rest of his miserable life.

You can read more from Defense One here.

Featured image via DoD photo by U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos

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