People Are Wondering What Is Going On With Lindsey Graham After Congressional Reporter Claimed He Complimented Adam Schiff

What in the actual heck is going on?!

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Throughout the entire process surrounding the formal impeachment and removal of Donald Trump from the presidency, South Carolina Senator and devout MAGA sycophant Lindsey Graham has been proudly and publicly vocal in support for Trump as well as his intent to do everything within his power to ensure that his trial within the Senate goes down as little more than a bad joke.

All of the evidence against Donald had yet to even surface through the course of the hearings in the House of Representatives before Graham was taking to every platform he could think of to declare that his mind was already made up in regard to Trump’s multiple transgressions and the punishments he should or should not receive as a result of such — some of which had not even been revealed or discovered yet.

Frankly, it’s pretty typical behavior out of the Trump detractor turned loyalist these days. As we’re all well aware, Lindsey made a startling 180 when Donald took office, after declaring from every rooftop for months ahead of the election that Trump would send this nation straight to Hell — and we’d all deserve it if we voted him in.

However, since that fateful day in January three years ago now when Trump was officially inaugurated to the presidency, Graham has seemingly stuck tight to his guns in defense of the man who he swore would be the ultimate demise of America not all that long ago.

Since the Senate trial kicked off this week, Graham has pretty much stayed true to his new self — continuing to tout the claim that Donald has done nothing wrong, and even reportedly broke Senate rules and left the hearing at one point yesterday because evidently he just really doesn’t give a damn.

But after the conclusion of yesterday’s portion of the hearings, Graham did something that absolutely no one saw coming when he approached Rep. Adam Schiff, who gave a lengthy, detailed deliverance to the Senate yesterday, on their way out of the Capitol, shook Schiff’s hand, and allegedly told him, “Good job, you’re very well-spoken,” per a report from NBC Congressional reporter Frank Thorp V.

Frankly, this is weird, y’all.

Graham has never been one to openly defy Trump and considering Donald’s passionate hate for the likes of Adam Schiff, this was a pretty defying move if ever there were one.

Naturally, it’s got Twitter users wondering just what in the Hell is going on with Lindsey:

Honestly, I wouldn’t suggest you get your hopes up thinking that perhaps Lindsey Graham has had a sudden change of heart. Frankly, the man was a piece of shit before Donald Trump and will continue to be long after. To tell you the truth, even if he were coming back to his senses, there’s not much vindication for Lindsey Graham to be had at this point.

But God knows it does make ya wonder. And Heaven help the dude if and when Trump gets wind of this.

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