People Believe Donald Trump’s Health May Be Rapidly Declining After Photo Appeared To Show Him Looking Gaunt With Band-Aids On His Hand And Dirty, Stained Pants

I really don't even want to know what that is on his pants.

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There’s no denying that life hasn’t been easy for Donald Trump since his shameful departure from the White House. The man has spent the last year+ of his life hammered by lawsuits and investigations from virtually every conceivable angle, as entities swooped in the very moment he was no longer protected by the powers of the presidency, and that’s not even counting the mental load he continues to carry around with his election conspiracy theories and Big Lie he continues to peddle.

To say the very least, Donnie’s terrible life (of his own making) would take a toll on any man. But when it’s all coming down on a man that’s well into his 70s and wasn’t exactly the picture of perfect health, to begin with (no matter how much he wishes he was) it apparently takes an even heavier toll — which seemed to be highlighted in a new photo of the former guy at his Mar-a-Lago Florida resort.

In photos recently posted by the popular PatriotTakes Twitter account, the one-term, twice-impeached former guy can be seen flanked by another pretty, young woman (which is apparently becoming a thing for him these days) donning his trademarked white polo shirt, ill-fitting slacks, and bright red MAGA hat (where the font keeps getting bigger and bigger, I swear) complete with his infamous thumbs-up.

But this go around, Twitter users couldn’t even focus on the fact that Trump was chumming it up with yet another attractive young lady for reasons unbeknownst to us, because they couldn’t seem to tear their eyes away from how terrible Trump himself is looking these days.

Take a look for yourself:

As many people have taken notice of over the last few months, the former president seems to be shedding the pounds, but not in the good “I’m exercising and eating healthy” kind of way. Rather, it looks as though it’s certainly stress and bad health-induced weight loss.

And then you have the gross-looking Band-Aid Donald has wrapped around the thumb he’s poking into the air and don’t even get me started on that mystery stain he’s sporting on the crotch of his pants.

You can imagine how Twitter reacted to the new image:

Just retire, man. C’mon.

Featured image via screen capture 

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