New Photo Of Trump Sandwiched Between Two Young, Attractive Ladies Makes Waves On Twitter And People Just Couldn’t Hold Back


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I’ve been doing this politics thing for a few years and I can say with complete confidence, even the man out of office for over a full year now, not a single, solitary day has come and gone in which Donald Trump did not infiltrate my life in some horrible, awful, disgusting, or cringe-inducing way.

This particular instance covered all those bases and more.

If there’s anything we can know with absolute confidence these days, it’s that the one-term, twice-impeached, spray-tanned, disgraced former president isΒ desperateΒ to cling to some, any, sort of relevancy now that he can no longer force his way into the spotlight thanks to his undeserved position in the White House.

Whether it’s unhinged statements railing against his old vice president, more MAGA rallies from a man who’s not even officially running for president again yet where he essentially encourages his supporters to pull a repeat of January 6th, begging diners at his Mar-a-Lago resort to applaud for his mere existence, or apparently posing with women he could never hope to bag in a million years.

The popular Twitter account,Β Patriot Takes, recently posted a photo to the social media platform that’s gone a bit viral, as the washed-up, disgraced former guy can be seen posing at his Mar-a-Lago resort, sandwiched between two young, attractive women who we can only assume are trust fund bunnies who’ve never had a single, original thought of their own to share between the two of them. Complete with a MAGA hat, of course.

See for yourself:

To be completely frank, I’ve no idea of the context surrounding this photo, nor do I really care. But, nevertheless, people on Twitter couldn’t help but run with the ridiculous picture and those replies, well, I’m here for:

Well, if nothing else, it’s certainly comedic relief.