People Think Something Could Be Wrong With Ron DeSantis’ Health After Video Emerged Appearing To Show Him Struggling To Catch His Breath

What is wrong with him?!

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Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis found himself on the receiving end of a hell of a lot of backlash after the state’s sorry excuse for a “leader” appeared to go MIA while Florida’s COVID-19 cases surged to even higher, more dangerous rates.

All in all, Desantis appeared to be hidden away out of the public’s eye for about 2 weeks, right around Christmas time, all while the new Omicron variant of COVID-19 pushed his state from an average of around 5,000 cases to to around 36,000 โ€” all while, of course, DeSantis and the rest of Florida’s officials refused to combat the virus’ spike through mask mandates, vaccine mandates, social distancing guidelines, or anything else that could possibly help people in his state to not die.

Democratic Senator Shevrin Jones tweeted at the time, “Counties are overwhelmed w/ lines that stretch for miles. It’s every man/woman for themselves, because leadership is MIA.”

Throughout the entire time DeSantis was MIA, he never did confront the issue head-on, but rather seemed to dump the issue on his social media team, who took to posting old photos, which ultimately just raised more questions than it did answers.

DeSantis did eventually return to the science with a sobering excuse for his absence, revealing that his wife Casey had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

While our hearts go out to Ron’s wife Casey, and even the Florida governor himself, as we wouldn’t wish that sort of pain and suffering on our worst enemy, it seems many Americans are struggling to trust the Florida governor.

And this new clip is making that issue even more prominent.

In one of his first public appearances since returning to the scene following his extended Christmas break, DeSantis doesn’t appear to be in great health himself.

In a video posted to their Twitter account, Ron Filipkowski notes that something just doesn’t seem quite right with the Republican governor:

MeidasTouch posted another video captured from a different angle that really highlights Ron’s apparent struggle to breathe:

Unsurprisingly, the clips have left a lot of people with mounting questions yet again, with many of them wondering if DeSantis may have gone through a bout of COVID-19 himself during his time away:

Allow me to note here that we absolutely are not, in any way, asserting or even suggesting that Ron DeSantis currently has or has recently suffered from a COVID-19 infection. We’re simply reporting on response multiple people had to footage of his appearance today. And we absolutely agree โ€” something isn’t right.

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