People Want To Know What The Uvalde Police Might Be Hiding As ABC News Report Reveals Local Law Enforcement Is “No Longer Cooperating” With TX Probe Into Shooting

It just keeps getting worse.

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As it stands, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is rightfully conducting an investigation into last week’s deadly mass shooting — after 18-year-old high school dropout turned gunman, Salvador Ramos, legally purchased two AR-15 style assault weapons as well as over 1000 rounds of ammunition just days after his 18th birthday, and days before the mass murder. Ramos then entered Robb Elementary School in the small town of Uvalde, Texas, through an unlocked exterior door, barricaded himself inside a 4th-grade classroom, opened fire, and gunned down 19 innocent children and 2 beloved teachers.

In the days since the heinous massacre, more and more reports have come out of the woodwork, shedding a light on the seemingly disastrous response from local law enforcement — with reports now confirming that Ramos remained inside that 4th-grade classroom for over an hour, while more than 19 law enforcement officials stood in the hallway of the school, allegedly of the belief that the immediate threat to any children inside the classroom was over. Some reports have already indicated that officials were actually aware that live children were still trapped inside the room with the gunman, thanks to 911 calls made by children in the class.

To say the least, the apparent corruption has been glaring and growing over the past week. And now, new reports reveal that both the Uvalde Police Department and the Uvalde Independent School District police have made a 180, and refuse to cooperate any further with the TX DPS investigation into the massacre and more specifically, into the law enforcement response.

ABC News now reports that both the city’s police dept. and the school district’s police force made the decision to stop cooperating with the probe “soon after the director of DPS, Col. Steven McCraw, held a news conference Friday during which he said the delayed police entry into the classroom was ‘the wrong decision’ and contrary to protocol.”

ABC’s report notes that the “Uvalde police chief and a spokesperson for the Uvalde Independent School District did not immediately respond” to requests for comment.

Business Insider further reports, “Since last week’s mass shooting in Uvalde — the country’s deadliest at an elementary school since Sandy Hook in 2012 — law enforcement officials have made crucial changes to the attack’s timeline at least a dozen times.”

This disturbing development comes after yesterday’s reporting that the attorney for one unnamed Uvalde teacher has produced evidence that blatantly contradicted claims made by local law enforcement after police seemingly attempted to blame the unlocked exterior door at Robb Elementary School on the teacher who witnessed Ramos crash his grandmother’s truck into a concrete ditch outside of the school. McCraw asserted that the teacher left the exterior door propped open with a rock after she made the 911 call about the truck crash. San Antonio Express-News reported on video footage, corroborated by the teacher’s attorney, shows that the exterior door was, in fact, pulled closed by the teacher in question and did not lock the way it’s supposed to.

As you can imagine, this whole ordeal has left the American people with far more questions than answers, most specifically, what it is the Uvalde Police are potentially trying to hide:

Allow me to note that we still have no clue what truly happened with regard to the Uvalde Police response to last Tuesday’s heinous massacre. We can only hope that justice will prevail, and the truth will come forward.

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