People Want To Know What’s Going On With Don Jr. After Manic Rant About Joe Biden: “The Dude Is Jacked Up On Something”

He is lit.

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We’ve all seen videos featuring Donald Trump Jr. appearing to be on cocaine or something, but the former president’s son is definitely high in this most recent one. It’s difficult even to figure out what Junior is talking about, but he says something about not “Don’t hack the McDonald’s.” His voice then wanders off as he mentions President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, before bringing up Russian President Vladimir Putin. Normal stuff, right?

And he’s really obsessed with Hunter Biden. And when he randomly mentions “Joe’s basement,” we can only assume that he’s talking about the guy who whooped his father’s ass in both the electoral and popular vote. And he rambled on with an empty bookcase behind him.


Twitter users are pretty sure that Junior is extremely high.

He’s definitely got addiction issues to deal with. Some of us have come out of that life, and we never took videos of the spectacle and slapped them on social media.

Featured image via screen capture

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