People Were Extremely Uncomfortable Over Donald Trump’s Behavior With A Bride At His Mar-A-Lago Club, And It Was All Caught On Video

Just when I think he can't gross me out more.

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Donald Trump has once again been wildly successful in making basically the whole of the internet uncomfortable as hell, after video surfaced of him interacting with a bride at his Mar-a-Lago resort, on what he can only assume was her wedding day, and, in true Trump fashion, couldn’t quite seem to manage to keep his grubby hands to himself.

For someone who is said to be quite the germaphobe, Donald never seems to take issue with getting on the handsy side when it comes to conventionally attractive women.

Imagine that…

New video that’s cropped up and spread like wildfire across social media pretty much proves that point, as we see the scandal-plagued former president keeping his hands everywhere but to himself when he recently bumped into a couple celebrating their wedding day at his equally scandal-ridden Mar-a-Lago golf resort and post-White House home.

Popular X (formerly known as Twitter) account Patriot Takes posted one clip to his account their account week that shows former President Trump holding hands with the Mar-a-Lago bride, before reaching down and placing his hand on her bare shoulder:

We got a second, equally unsettling vantage point in another clip posted to X by popular former federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski, which shows Trump fist-pumping the air while still clinging tightly to the bride’s hand before he leans over and speaks into the groom’s ear, prompting Filipkowski to question what he was saying to the guy:

As one can imagine, people in the comments had lots of… Thoughts:

There’s really nothing I can add to that…

Featured image via screen capture

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