People Were Horrified By Photo That Appeared To Show Ivanka’s Hand Placed Awkwardly Inside Her Daddy’s Jacket As They Hugged

Oh no. No no no no no.

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Anybody who followed the shitshow that was the sorry excuse for a presidency over the last four years knows good and well that Donald Trump has always had a favorite child โ€” and it’s certainly not any of the boys, nor is it the daughter that he labeled “fat” and doesn’t really want to take a picture with.

Of the five (that we know of) Trump spawn that have unfortunately been spewed upon the Earth, Ivanka Trump is hands-down daddy’s favorite. After all, as painfully annoying as Don Jr. and Eric are, you didn’t see them kicking it in an official White House job despite a complete and utterly astonishing lack of legitimate qualifications, now did you?

Yet, there was Ivanka, living the dream, doing a bunch of “governmenting,” wearing her Gucci and Prada, while poor children in China fake the stitches she’s wearing for $64 a week.

Favorite child or not, there’s got to be a reason, right? I mean, nepotism is one thing. But this is NEPOTISM.

Now, we’re all so very unfortunately aware that Donnie has a thing for his daughter. I don’t care what anyone else tries to call it โ€” fatherly love, a close relationship, daddy-daughter inside jokes. Nope. The dude wants to smash. Period. And frankly, he’s said as much.

Let us all be reminded of the “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her” comment.

Don’t settle from your cringe just yet, folks. Because we may have just figured out why Donnie was always so willing to give Nepotism Barbie that extra bit of privileges.

As a result of Ivanka’s “official” government position, she tended to jet-set around the world on her daddy’s coattails, and their trip to India during Donald’s presidency was no exception.

Donald was in the country for 36-hours and Ivanka’s surgically-sculpted behind was with him every step of the way.

And we’ve got the pictures to prove it. In fact, we’ve got the picture that may prove a little more than her attendance:

Y’ALL. Why is her hand in his jacket like that?!

I told you not to let go of that cringe just yet.

As you would expect, Twitter had ALL the thoughts:

Let me just go ahead and apologize for the next two weeks and two paychecks you spend trying to track down a gallon of brain bleach. Cause you’re gonna wanna unsee that.

Featured image via screen capture

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