Personal Gmail Account Belonging To Trump’s Old Chief Of Staff Could Provide Critical Evidence For Jan. 6th Investigation, After He Used It To Pressure A GA Official

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Trump and his people have adamantly claimed that they had nothing to do with what happened on that fateful, violent day in January, at our nation’s Capitol, as the ex-president’s own supporters stormed the building while Congress was certifying the Electoral College votes for the 2020 presidential election. If you ask them, it just happened. A complete coincidence. But nevertheless, it’s Trump’s own people who just keep screwing up that whole narrative, as more and more information regarding the events surrounding and leading up to that day make their way into the light.

ABC News chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl made an appearance on CNN recently and explained that a personal Gmail account belonging to Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows may ultimately provide the House Select Committee with crucial evidence in their investigation into the January 6th Capitol insurrection.

Karl explained on the segment that Meadows actually played a very large part behind the scenes when it came to Donald’s infamous call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, in which the ex-president pressured the GA official to “find 11,780 votes.”

According to Karl, Meadows made it known that he was more than a little frustrated when he finally did get in touch with a Raffensperger deputy on the phone.

“We’ve been trying to reach out to you 18 different times, and you’ve ignored our inquiries,” Meadows allegedly complained on the call.

Apparently, Raffensperger’s office was quite confused by the call at first, before finally figuring out what exactly had happened.

“Raffensperger himself had been receiving text messages from a Gmail account, Mark Meadows’ Gmail account, that he thought was certainly a prank,” Karl explained. “You know, his number had been put out on the internet, he’d been getting all kinds of prank calls, so Mark Meadows was reaching out to a top official in Georgia on a private Gmail account.”

“What else was going on where his private Gmail account?” he questioned. “He was at the intersection of everything.”

“What else was Mark Meadows up to?” Karl asked.

“Will we ever find out?” CNN’s Berman questioned. “He will fight this appearance as long as he possibly can, citing executive privilege.”

You can watch the clip here:

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