Lauren Boebert Seemingly Suggested No One Deserves Parental Leave Because She Gave Birth In A Truck

That doesn't make any sense, lady.

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Rep. Lauren Boebert, the gun-toting Republican Colorado congresswoman who ran on a law and order platform that has been arrested quite a few times, and received her GED diploma a few months before winning the election to Congress, argued against giving people paid time off work to look after their newborn babies — in a baffling way. It’s a real head-scratcher. The controversial Congresswoman’s reasoning is akin to saying, “I just ate, so people aren’t starving in the world.” Boebert claims that she gave birth to one of her children inside a truck, so people shouldn’t have parental leave, according to Business Insider.

“I delivered one of my children in the front seat of my truck. Because as a mom of four, we got things to do,” Boebert said in a video bulletin posted Monday. “Ain’t nobody got time for two and a half months of maternity leave. We have a world to save here,” she added.

Boebert then tore into Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, who announced in August that he would take two months of paternity leave after adopting newborn twins with his husband, Chasten. Boebert insisted that Americans would “know who to blame” if the supply chain affected Christmas.

“The guy in charge of it all, Mayor Pete, was on a two-month maternity, paternity, whatever the heck you want to call it, leave,” she said. “OK, the guy was gone. The guy was not working.”

And then, of course, she took a homophobic shot at Buttigieg.

“Because why? He was trying to figure out how to chest feed,” she added.

You can watch her crazy-time video below:

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson made the same remark about Buttigieg recently, saying that the Secretary of Transportation was “Trying to figure out how to breastfeed. No word on how that went.”

Buttigieg pointed out the next day that he has been “available 24/7 on issues that can’t wait” and later argued that it is time for the US to join “pretty much every other country in the world” on paid family leave.

What a shocker that Republicans aren’t the pro-family party after all. As for giving birth in a truck, maybe that’s the same place that she got pregnant. She didn’t explain that very well. Also, it’s not raining here, so it’s not raining anywhere else.

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